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Franchise Law

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Franchise law relates to the business systems that encompass the replication of a successful business model so that franchisees may also enjoy success in accordance with the rules set out by the franchisor. At iPlanLegal, we advise you on all aspects of franchising from start-up to expansion, Canada-wide.

iPlanLegal works with franchisors to create and modify their franchise systems to ensure that they can function operationally. We spend time with our franchisors to gain a thorough understanding of their franchise system and how they will operate. We draft all legal precedent including franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, security agreements and other documents required to induct a potential franchisee into the system. We also maintain communications and update and revise all documents and advise on other and future franchisee, leasing and subleasing issues and default procedures.

We work for potential franchisees in all sectors of business, including automotive, quick service restaurants, optical and many others. We deal with the franchise disclosure documents, franchise agreements, leases, IT agreements and supply agreements. We spend the necessary time with our clients to ensure they understand their obligations and are confident that they can commence operations without worrying about the legals behind their purchase.


Franchise Law

We advise you on all aspects of franchising from start-up to expansion, Canada-wide.

Business Law

We have the knowledge to help you make the right decisions and implement the right plans to successfully achieve your goals.

Real Estate Law

We have the experience to facilitate both your residential and commercial real estate transactions efficiently.


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